Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1... Legoland!

Legoland is currently offering a deal where if you buy three adult memberships, you get a kid's membership for free.  This works out at a savings of over $100 over the 2 adults and 2 kids memberships.  So I am happy to announce, that at the very mature age of 6, Emma is now considered an adult... According to Legoland.  What better way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend than to hit up Legoland for a bit of fun?

Wait, what do you mean there's a race car that sits both Emma and Me?  I gotta get in that!

Yeah, we're all pretty much fans of cars.  Can't be helped. 

Are we helicopter parents?  Maybe.

Gotta love Chinatown.  The place.  Ashamed to admit I've never seen the movie.
This one is for Grandpa Hunny Bunny.  A nice sailing yacht anchored and awaiting its captain.
Gotta love waterproof cameras.  Emma touching a hermit crab shell.

Emma and Daddy flying high.

The day Star Wars disappears from Legoland may be my last day as a visitor.  Love some of these scenes.  See the mist on the waterfall?

More Bay Bridge Run photos.

On your mark...
And... off to our right, we have a group representing the awesome Customer Care team at ESET North America.  Go ESET!!!
The two most beautiful, amazing women in my life.
Our neighbors, Bane, Ylena, Mihilo, and Katarina (oh, and the awesome trophy wife).
Ewan's best bud, Mihilo holding hands with Ewan.
Was just setting the camera up to start taking pictures.  One of the EXTREMELY RARE pictures of me where I don't absolutely hate how I look.  But I'll never be as cool as Mr. Cowboy Hat and Long Hair.  Sigh.  I guess I'll live.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bay Bridge Run

Every year, the Navy raises funds for their MWR (Morale Welfare Recreation) group by doing the Bay Bridge Run.  Last year was the first year we participated.  This our second time, and though it's only four miles, we managed to enjoy almost two full hours of incredible views and thousands of people.

The Litzenbergs rocking ESET shirts.  I absolutely love this picture.  It is one of my favorit of Suzanne.

Kicking it with the neighbors while waiting for the ferry.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Xtreme Martial Arts

Emma performed at another martial arts performance last week.  There were two schools present and I think Emma's school absolutely rocked over the other one.  I might be slightly biased.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

We're Back!

Anyone who cared to read this blog forever and a year ago remembers that we turned it private for a while.  That was probably stupidly smart.  While on the stupid side, no one read the blog anymore, so we stopped posting.  On the smart side, I guess it protects from predators.  While I do worry about predators, I worry more about my children having a life of fun and happiness and being able to look back on it fondly.  For that reason, we are making the blog public, and we'll be posting a lot more soon.  Here's a sneak peak...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Painting Emma's Room and Ewan Want's to Crawl

November 14, 2010After the bee's in Emma's wall Daddy and Emma had a bit of painting to do. Emma got her very own painting shirt (from daddy's drawer) and the two of them got to work.

Meanwhile in the next room, Ewan had mommy busy and surprised by his up on knees rocking as if he wanted to start crawling.

At this point I'm thinking he will be crawling by Christmas, but right now he isn't 6 months yet so it seems a bit ambitious to see him so willing to give it a shot.
Back in Emma's room, painting has begun! Both Daddy and Emma did an excellent job and in no time at all the wall was back to normal.

A Day at the Children's Museum

November 6, 2010It's been a long time since we've gotten to take Emma to the Children's museum. We renewed our membership, walked from the ESET building all the way to the CM with me wearing Ewan in our Ergo baby carrier and Donald and Emma happily skipping all the way. When we got there Emma was greeted by a musical treat and got to join in with her own musical talents.
Then it was off to the chariot races!
Since Ewan was happily snuggled into me in the ergo baby carrier Donald and Emma were set free to be artistic for the day

They made cool things out of clay and then went and made fall leaves for a tree
They spent a ton of time in the rain house and did story time in the Trojan horse while I feed Ewan in one of their super comfy rockers, and then we were off to the bottom floor for some fun make believe dress up time. Not sure who love this more.

We walked back up to little Italy for some Burger Lounge yummy goodness, where Ewan finally crashed out from all the excitement of the day.

Party and Trick or Treating

October 30, 2010

We went to Cate and Will's Halloween party. It was so much fun. It gave the kids both a chance to wear their costumes and have fun dressed up with all their friends.

Emma got to spend a fair amount of time in the jumpy and Ewan got lots of cuddles from his daddy.
Then we were off to decorate pumpkins with foam stickers and hit the bat with a bat pinata. The bat was indestructible and finally after beating it like crazy one of the older kids was able to knock off a wing and candy went flying!
Then the princesses fled to the royal sandbox to look for burried jewels, but sadly came up empty handed.

The next day went went trick or treating in our neighborhood with Emma's friends Mikael, Sierra, and Yasmine. The kids had a blast! Ewan called it quits a bit early so dad finished the rounds with his little princess before coming home with the loot.